Tesla Autopilot detecting green light and informing the driver that it will proceed through the intersection

Doug DeMuro recently posted an opinion piece on his “More Doug DeMuro” channel describing why he thinks GM’s Super Cruise is better than Tesla’s Autopilot. Before reading further, watch Doug’s video if you haven’t already.

As Doug expected, Tesla owners, including me, were quite upset about his conclusion. I’ve been pondering why our reactions are so strong to these takes (“takes” is plural because others have also come to this conclusion).

The surface-level reason why Doug’s take is wrong

In my opinion, GM’s “handsfree” feature (but certainly not attention-free) is simply an insufficient reason to select Super Cruise as…

A friend sought advice on purchasing an EV but prefaced the statement by saying he cannot afford a Tesla. This post is my attempt to answer his question of what EV to buy if not a Tesla.


  • Both used and new vehicles are possibilities
  • Must be available for purchase now in the DC area.
  • 150 miles of EPA-rated range or more (explanation below)
  • Focus on Battery-Electric Vehicles (BEV). As much as we love our Volt, I think the era of PHEV is over.
  • Obviously, the question from my friend implies that any EV of similar or greater price to…

Recap videos for days 7 to 10 have been added to the recap library. These recap videos include the two days around Custer South Dakota for the Tesla rally, the trip down to Denver for the repair to my Tesla, and a trip up into the Rocky Mountains at Estes Park to visit a new supercharger at the historic Stanley Hotel.


I’m placing all of my public recap videos in one shared folder on Google Photos. Please see the link below.

This is a story of bad advice, misinformation, and how that led to one very unhappy Tesla owner.

As I arrived at the Ann Arbor Michigan supercharger, my main thoughts were about the white cones. “Was the supercharger down?” I thought to myself. It quickly became clear this location has an ICEing problem and the cones help dissuade that behavior, so I promptly slotted myself in next to a beautiful blue Model S.

It was immediately obvious something was wrong with the Tesla beside me. …

The direct route to Minnesota would, of course, be via the turnpike’s all the way to Chicago but this journey is not about direct routes. I began by driving north to Falls Creek, Pennsylvania for the first new-to-me supercharger visit of this trip. I expect to visit 100 to 120 new locations on this trip.

In a sign of the remarkable growth in supercharger locations, I passed by two locations before stopping for a few minutes at the still-new superchargers at the Sheetz in Breezewood, Pennsylvania. When I bought Lenny in 2016, passing by an available Supercharger was largely unthinkable.

A 48 second video summary of yesterday’s trip from DC to Muskegan, Michigan. A full post about Leg 1 (DC to Minnesota) is in the works.

I updated with a link to the video that doesn’t change the music and overlays.

The frunk is packed, Lenny is freshly washed, the dash cam mounted, memory cards stashed, and Lenny’s battery pack is full. In a few hours, I will begin 5 weeks of driving to the West Coast and back with many interesting stops along the way.

On Saturday, May 12, I begin an epic road trip tying together some events while also providing the opportunity to drive most of the Pacific Coast Highway and see friends and family along the way. I’ve named this road trip “California or Bust 2018.” I will travel between 7,500 and 9,000 total miles, traverse about 20 states, attend the Sound of Silence Tesla Rally in Custer, SD, attend the big FSHD Connect conference in Las Vegas, and attend my Niece’s graduation party back in Minnesota, among many other things.

I’d love to catch up with Tesla enthusiasts along the way…

Don B

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